Online food ordering for restaurants

Online food &  drink ordering for your restaurant.

Simple online ordering system for restaurants for a low fixed monthly cost – no huge commissions like Ubereats, Skip The Dishes, Doordash – always a flat monthly rate.

Customers can place orders on your own personalised site,, then you receive the orders, either using our Android app, by email, or through your own 1000eats web admin site, where you can also add or edit menu items, access your sales statistics, order history, and much more.

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So, what does it cost me?

New customer setup $99

Includes menu setup, your own custom ordering and admin site, and your first months hosting & service fees.
Monthly fee – $45. No fees or commissions are charged by us, always just a flat fee of $45 month. No contracts, cancel at anytime.

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Why does your restaurant need online ordering?

Life in a digital world has made people accustomed to the convenience of getting whatever they want or need with just a few clicks of a button. Customers now expect their favorite restaurant to offer online ordering. Has your business implemented an online ordering system?

Benefits of online ordering
Offering online ordering on your website or app brings several benefits for both restaurants and customers:

1. An improved customer experience
When the ordering process is easy, it increases the likelihood that the customer will complete their order. People want fast, immediate service — which is why the user experience is critical when someone is ready to make a purchase. Customers appreciate not having to sit in their car or the restaurant to wait for their food.

2. Streamlined restaurant operations
Online ordering can streamline your systems in the kitchen. When customers send their orders online, it decreases the amount of time staff members need to spend on the phone. Instead, the team can complete the steps — such as cooking the food, packaging it, and delivering it — necessary to ensure that every meal is ready for your customers on time.

3. More time to browse the menu
Customers want to know specifics about their food options, which is why it’s smart to list details and descriptions in the online ordering system. Not only does an online menu provide more information about food options, but it allows customers to take the time they need to browse the menu.

4. Increased transaction amounts
Since customers have more time to browse the menu online, there’s a greater chance that they’ll add extra items to their order. An additional appetizer or dessert might seem insignificant, but the numbers can add up over time.

5. More customer control over orders
When you’re busy during the dinner rush, it’s easy for small order details to slip through the cracks. Your staff doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on phone calls, often resulting in rushed conversations and missed information. One of the benefits of online ordering for restaurants is that customers manage their own orders, which gives them the ability to order exactly what they want — and that includes giving special instructions.

6. Easier to place large orders
The likelihood of miscommunication increases when a customer places a large order over the phone. When someone needs a large or complex food order, they will go with the easiest option. Often, people want to avoid ordering over the phone because sharing the full order verbally can be tedious. Online ordering is a simple solution for large orders, helping to decrease the possibility of miscommunication and increase customer satisfaction.

7. More accurate restaurant orders
Ordering through a drive-through window or over the phone usually comes with loud background noise, and it can be difficult for your employees to tell what a customer is saying, leading to dissatisfied customers when their order is wrong.

When customers are putting in their own orders, the accuracy rates of those orders improves dramatically and your customer retention rate will improve with it.

8. Fewer abandoned orders
How often do customers place phone orders and never pick up the food? When you have an online ordering system, your restaurant benefits from online payments. Customers can pay for their food digitally when submitting their order, which reduces the chances of fake or abandoned orders. As a result, you reduce your risk and ensure that you receive payment.

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More delivery & pickup options

Added many more options for restaurant opening, pickup, and delivery hours. Can now setup different hours on different days.
Added ability to send an extra email notifications for delivery orders to different email address. So delivery orders can now be sent directly to your own driver/delivery service.

Online Ordering

Some screenshots showing the online ordering site on a phone.

Try it out – Demo Online Ordering Site

Add Tip

Option for customers to add a tip option at checkout.